Aerospace Balancers

Uncomplicated design and quick to install, our aerospace balancers offer high-precision balancing designed especially for the aerospace industry. UB aerospace balancers balance turbine rotors, turbine discs, turbine assemblies, and turbine rotor assemblies.

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Product Features

Our aerospace balancers offer a state of the art experience, all with the smallest possible footprint. Our vertical balancers for turbine wheels and horizontal balancers for compressor shafts and assemblies both have hard suspension and are equipped with an intuitive Windows-based touchscreen measuring system, with an optional Winblade blade patternization software add-on. Additional features include rotor specific calibration, advance speed control, real-time encoder angle tracking, comprehensive data logging and exporting, soundproof guarding plus more. 

  • Innovative software:
    • Controlled acceleration and deceleration
    • Rotor specific calibration unbalance correction programs (add/remove weight, discreet weights)
    • Exportable data
  • Winblade blade:
    • Accurate blade distribution software
    • Reduce time spent sampling different blade configurations
    • Optional interface with precision scales