Crankshaft Balancers

Universal Balancing's crankshaft balancing machines are designed for high production environments offering rapid part to part cycle time, high levels of reduction ratio - all in a small footprint. The machines can be in conjunction with automated or manual work handling systems.

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Product Features

Our crankshaft balancers are specifically designed for fast and accurate measurements, all while ensuring a small footprint. They're simple to install and even easier to use, with a single HMI point of access to the machine for effortless maintenance. The UNI-64 Windows based measuring system and Winbal balancing software has a self-teaching algorithm which corrects unbalance with the smallest number of drills holes across all possible pins. 

  • Full-auto or semi-auto balancers
  • Support 3, 4, i6, v6, v8, and v10 cylinder cranks
  • Single station standalone or rotary stations
  • Maximum flexibility—wide range of cranks
  • High-powered vacuum extraction