Brake Balancers

Our brake balancers are designed with flexibility in mind. With full-auto and semi-auto options, our brake balancers are available as single station machines with options for manual load, robot load, or track load, as well as three-station machines (measure > correct > measure) with a track lift system. Easily integrated with other cell processes, our brake balancers have fast cycle times, fast automatic changeover, optional input, output, and reject tracks, a high powered vacuum extraction system, and software features to optimize the entire process.

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Product Features

Our machines are designed for high production automotive OEM and Tier 1 environments, and support both brake discs and brake rotors or discs. UB's brake balancers are compatible with a wide range of discs, rotors, and drums—our machines maximize utilization, increasing throughput and reducing costs. 

  • Automatic measurement of disc outer diameter to detect start position for mass removal
  • Automatic park at known angle for unload and next process (i.e. robo-drill)
  • Software to leave a known amount of unbalance at a set angle
  • Equipped with special electronic vent/vane compensation