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Machine Shut-down Tips

With a few tips and a bit of preparation, you can create the optimum conditions to ensure your Universal Balancing machine is kept in best form throughout any shutdown period.

General Tips

Before shutdown, create a backup of WinBal and save it externally using a flash drive.

It may sound obvious, but shutdown your machine correctly:

  • To avoid issues with the machine’s computer, shutdown the computer from the WinBal shutdown page and wait until it has shut down completely before switching off at the isolator.

Disconnect all services into the machine and ancillaries such as electrical and air supplies.

Remove any paint from paint markers and clean the lines. Ensure no solvent cleaner remains in the lines as these can cause the seals to perish.

Clean the entire machine from dirt, grease and swarf build-up, especially on moving parts and slides.

All exposed metallic surfaces should be coated with a protective film of oil such as Ensis or similar. Make sure you wipe this from any chucks/workholding before you start balancing again. Do not use penetrative oils as they may cause issues with repeatability when production starts.

If chucks/workholding are in a greasy environment and not in use, grease can run down and settle at the bottom. This will cause a high imbalance when you startup after a long shutdown as the grease is not being centrifuged.

Although our machines work in most temperatures, avoid extreme temperatures and rapid room temperature changes as this can cause discrepancies with accuracy results and may decrease performance.

It is not recommended to store or operate your balancing machine in temperatures of 0°C and below or above 40°C as this can result in decreased performance.

The maximum permissible relative humidity level for most of our machines is 95%.

When starting up the machine again, the safety will not be enabled, and the machine will appear in an E-stopped state. Press the Reset button on the panel (typically blue) to enable the safety and put the machine into operation.

Tips for colder environments

Whether you are preparing for shutdown or getting ready to start up again, you should carry out a thorough visual inspection of the machine, paying special attention to any hoses and fittings. These are more susceptible to cracking in cold conditions.

Wrap sensitive devices to prevent them from getting damaged by the cold while in storage.

Greases and oils can harden over time and in the cold affecting mechanical parts. Where possible, install storage heaters to keep the room temperature above the minimum optimal temperature.

Do you have a water-cooled device?

If coolant is below the minimum temperature advised by the manufacturer, you cannot switch on your device for safety reasons.

If temperatures are likely to drop below 4oC in shutdown periods, it is advisable to empty chillers and their coolant lines into the machine or add antifreeze. Check the manufacturers guidance for antifreeze/water percentages.

Tips for Summer Extremes

Prevent direct air flow from an air conditioner on to the machine, this could cool down parts excessively.

Good air circulation helps avoid heat build-up.


If you have any questions about keeping your balancing machine in the right environment, get in touch. Contact and our balancing experts will assist you with any questions or problems. Or enter your details below and we’ll be in touch.