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Machine Focus – Brakes

May 19, 2020

Machine Focus – Brakes.

This month we are focusing on Universal Balancing’s brake rotor, hub and drum balancing machines.

UB’s range of brake balancers consist of single station machines that measure and correct on the same machine, or multi-station machines which splits measurement and correction for increased throughput. Both variants are highly configurable and flexible for a wide range of parts with minimum changeover requirements, automatic in most cases.

One of the keys to throughput is the machines capability to measure and reduce unbalance in a single attempt. ISO21940-21 reduction ratio test determines the reduction of unbalance the machine can achieve in one attempt, typically this is equal or greater than 95% for the unbalance measurement. UB balancers deliver a reduction ratio of greater than 95% INCLUDING CORRECTION which demonstrates not only extreme accuracy, but fewer rejects, virtually no need for second corrections when 5% of the initial unbalance is less than balance tolerance. This simply means an overall increased throughput and product quality.

We combine the accuracy of our balancers with industry leading cycle time of 16s part to part, we have extensive software functionality that automates a number of tasks that are traditionally manual, and introduces error proving routines to ensure quality setup and in-process checking. In addition to utilize industry standard components with a very robust and reliable machine design this makes our brake balancers the lowest cost over the lifespan of the equipment, which is something that is not always considered.

We love balancing and we enjoy working with brake component manufacturers and would relish the opportunity of talking with you about your requirements.

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