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Get to Know… Mark Sikowski

November 04, 2020

As the Powertrain Sales Manager for Burke Porter Group, Mark assists our customers in sourcing the correct configuration testing machine, balancing equipment, and full turnkey assembly lines.

Mark’s long history in the field of balancing and NVH allows him to firmly understand what is needed, and what is not. He has 20+ years of balancing experience and is proud to have worked his way up from the shop floor to sales gaining a large understanding of manufacturing.

When asked what makes him unique, Mark says “I treat each opportunity as if the equipment was for my own factory, so that each customer can be assured that the process and price meet all expectations.”

In his spare time, Mark is an avid Traveller, Hunter, Gardener, and a professional Take-the-family-to-the-beach-Engineer!

Mark is USA based but has provided support in locations across the globe including Europe, Africa, Mexico, Turkey and many others.

Location: USA

Languages: Fluent Midwestern English, almost there with British, and expanding knowledge in Turkish


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