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Get to Know… Ken Sager

Meet Ken, he’s our European sales engineer supporting our customers in Germany (DACH) and the surrounding regions.

Ken is a chartered engineer with 17 years of experience in auto component R&D and manufacture. He can actively help you with all enquiries about UB’s portfolio of balancing technology and will connect your sales and technical teams with those at UB to ensure you get the solution you need.

When asked what makes him unique, Ken says “I focus on cross cultural understanding and try to learn key points about language and culture as I get to enjoy frequent business travel and customer contact. Although I work in sales, I have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and am a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I chair an IMechE committee and have volunteered my time in the South Essex Area panel for ten years.”

Ken also boasts an impressive language range confidently speaking in English, German and Turkish and is conversant in several others. Very helpful for all those foreign films he enjoys watching. And for business of course!

When Ken finds time away from his busy professional and family life, he enjoys driving track-days and taking any chance to play or listen to live music. He has even been known to do the occasional 5K run!

So, if you are in Europe and seeking balancing advice, contact Ken for a friendly chat.


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