The modular design of our eRotor balancing machines provides proven building blocks for any configuration you require.

Single and multi-station variants are available for high, medium and low volume production lines, as well as R&D facilities.

We deliver ultra-high accuracy and repeatability on all balancing machines, exceeding the electric vehicle industries process capability demands.

Our high-volume eRotor balancers are offered as complete cells or as standalone systems to go into customer cells, both are typically integrated by robot or pick and place gantry.

Machines are supplied with integrated automatic or manual correction, or as audit only stations. Drilling is the primary unbalance correction method, but other methods such as mill, weight addition and special proprietary technologies are available to meet your exact requirements.

If a fully guarded machine is required for your electric rotor balancing, then we’ll supply an automated guard with protection to 2006/42/CE and ISO 21940-23 European Directive.

All our machines have a small footprint as standard, are installed and commissioned in as little as 2 days and are built largely with industry standard components.


Error proof setup and automatic changeover

Automatic changeover is provided at no extra cost to ensure error free setup and changeover of the complete machine without human intervention. We deem this as a must with today’s demanding production lines where human error can cause quality issues or production down time.


Measuring system

Our industry leading Uni-64 measuring system with its intuitive, easy to use, Winbal balancing software provides an all-encompassing user interface with hyper fast signal demodulation and filtration. It provides unrivalled accuracy even with an extremely short measuring time of typically 4 seconds, with a repeatability of 0.5 gmm with a common electric rotor.


  • Error-proofing setup and in process validation
  • On screen prompts for routine maintenance checks
  • Comprehensive industry 4.0 in-built system self-diagnostics

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eRotor Balancer Model 1

Single Station

Designed for low to medium production volumes, Measure > Correct > Audit is carried out on a single station. The balancing machine is fitted with 2 axis servo precision drilling units to correct unbalance quickly by drilling both ends of the rotor at the same time.

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eRotor Balancer Model 2

Two Station

Designed for the highest production volumes, our two station eRotor balancing machine is fitted with 3 axis servo drilling units to correct unbalance by drilling both ends of the rotor at the same time. The 3 axis correction system can mill as well as drill, so if your rotor requires greater material removal then this option is available at the touch of a button. A dual rotary servo transfer system is fitted to quickly and automatically transfer eRotors between stations.

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eRotor Balancer Model 3

R&D Balancer

A Research & Development fully non-magnetic balancer that can accurately balance to the same spec as Model 1 & 2. Model 3 is a manually operated balancer only or alternatively, can be fitted with manual drills to correct eRotors directly on the balance machine.


  • M.D. 20 seconds
  • C.R. 95%
  • U. 0.5 gmm
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eRotor Balancer Model 4

Tailored applications

When you require a configuration or a complete cell with or without automated handling equipment, we will tailor a solution that meets your exact requirements and engineering standards. The modular design of each eBalancer provides proven building blocks for the configuration you require.

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