Static unbalance of a rotor is a condition where its principle axis is displaced parallel to its rotational axis. Static unbalance can be measured on both vertical non-rotating (static) balancers and dynamic rotating balancers.

Our range of static, stiff pivot, non-rotating and rotating vertical balancers are for measuring unbalance in disc type rotors up to 1,500kg as standard.

Available as stand-alone manual balancers, through to full automation including incorporation with off-balancer drills, welders and other correction methods.

All static balancers come with our trademark ultra-high accuracy and repeatability, rapid cycle time, flexible configuration, small footprint and extreme ease of use.

Our static balancers come with the industry leading UNI-64 Windows measuring system and easy to use Winbal balancing software. This includes error proofing of setups and operation, it also hosts features to improve cycle time, prompt routine maintenance checks and has comprehensive industry 4.0 in-built diagnostics.

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