Our range of vertical pulley balancing machines accommodate light and heavy-duty pulleys and are used in high production lines balancing millions of components every year.

Pulley balancing machines come with automatic drills that translate in the X and Z axis through servo motors. Optionally and for flexibility, the balancing machine can optionally be supplied with rotatable drill head to accommodate axial and radial correction, or multi-head drills to reduce unbalance correction times.

Our pulley balancing machines can be loaded by operator but are more commonly supplied with a lift/lower driven track loading system, or by a robot with custom designed end of arm tooling.

The machines have a rapid cycle time with acceleration > measure > deceleration achievable in as little as 4 seconds. This is made possible through our state of the art measuring system and advanced suspension design providing ultra-high accuracy and repeatability.

Our pulley balancing machines come with our industry leading UNI-64 Windows measuring system and easy to use Winbal balancing software. This includes error proofing of setups and operation, it also hosts features to improve cycle time, prompt routine maintenance checks and has comprehensive industry 4.0 in-built diagnostics.
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